Donate Hair for a smile

Why donate your hair?


Cancer is a disease that can happen to anyone, regardless of the age, sex, social class, etc. The majority of them lost something that is very precious, their hair, which they need to adapt to physical changes.


Many are unaware that we can help by donating our hair, this is for them a reason to live, hope, a smile, to feel good about them physically, gives them strength to continue their treatment. And for us it is a great satisfaction, as it also involves us to give up something truly valuable.


Here are some requirements to be a donor.

  • Must have a length of 8 inches or more in a tail or braid, it has to be clean and dry.
  • Hair colored or permed is acceptable.
  • The Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 8 inches, and can be divided into multiple ponytails .
  • Curly hair can be cut to the minimum size of 8 inches. 8 inches, measured from end to end is the minimum length required for a wig.
  • Hair that has been decolorized (usually this refers to highlighted hair) is not usable.
  • Hair that has been swept from the floor can not be used.
  • We can’t accept dreads or Rasta hair.
  • Place the ponytail or braid dry in a plastic bag (ZIPLOC) and submit it with your name and details. And contact us.


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