Guano Bat Feces

After guano has lain around for a couple of years, a fungus grow in it releasing spores into the air that causes HISTOPLASMOSIS in humans.

Histoplasmosis can cause serious respiratory diseases in humans, causing fever and chest pains. If left untreated it can turn into a chronic lung disease that resembles tuberculosis. in the very young and the very old or people who already have cancer, AIDS or other serous illnesses.

This disease can be fatal and it can also travel from the lungs to the eyes, causing ocular histoplasmosis syndrome, which destroys the central vision (not periphreal). The lung problems can many times be cured with anti-fungal medication, but the ocular disease has no cure.

If bat guano is found in a home or other building, it is important to have it remove as soon as possible by a trained professional. A professional will search for any roosting bats that may be inside, then for any passageways that may be accessible to bats. Any points of entry have to be closed so that the bats do not reappear.

To remove the guano, a professional will wear a respirator and dress in protective gear. The guano is usually sprayed with water or a fungicide so that the removal process will not cause the fungus to become airborne. It can be cleaned up via a specialized vacuum, together with cleaning chemicals, or can be collected manually or a combination of both.

If bat guano has been found in the house, especially if it has been there for a few years, it is important to watch for any symptoms and to get medical attention in any lung or eye disease symptoms begin. Early treatment is extremely important in the ocular histoplasmosis, as laser treatment can stop the vision loss, though they can not restore any vision that has already been lost.


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