Marina Simoneau Chartrand

I’m going to tell a little bit of my story about my experience with Costa Rica Holistic Care, and the laser hair removal.
At first the idea seemed a bit painful or even false, but I could not put aside my big doubt, and how wonderful it would be if this method of laser would really work, i kept thinking on how great it would feel to get rid of that annoying hair that I hated so much so me and my sister (Miele Simoneau) decided to make an appointment, we had the procedure done and after the third session we had about 80% of that annoying hair removed. We are very very happy with the result and the staff is awesome!!  As for me I totally recommend it to any one!



Playa Jaco, Costa Rica


Elke Brandes

First of all, I am a relatively healthy girl, and I didn’t have any health issues that I was aware of, until in 2007 when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I was told that I needed to stick to a strict gluten-free diet; I did and it was great. At the beginning of 2012 I tried the Zrii detox treatment and now I incorporate Zrii Amalaki Juice into my gluten-free diet and feel even more energized without any jitters or anxiousness. I can especially notice at the gym after a long day at work; I don’t feel sluggish. It has been the perfect addition to my diet and my lifestyle.









Business Executive & Surfer
Santa Ana, Costa Rica


Anabel Miranda

Since I started with the Diamond Tip Exfoliation treatment (Microdermabrasion) my skin had a radical change. In the past my pores around my nose and the T zone were open and it had a dirty appearance. And my skin suffered from brown spots caused by the sun exposure. But now it has an even tone and my pores are almost invisible!!

Thanks to Costa Rica Holistic Care and Amy Wu for giving us such a good service!




Yoga Instructor at Anabel Miranda Yoga

Playa Jaco, Costa Rica



Lucie Robert

Lucie & Robert Levesque

It is a pleasure for us to comment on the professional activity of Doctor Amy Wu. Her treatments, laser and others, had an astounding success in the legs of my wife Lucy. After one treatment I could see a big difference. The work that Amy did ​​on my face with the laser was also successful. For this we make a 4 hours trip each month to receive these treatments.

And we have great confidence on her.

Thanks Amy



Exotic Restaurant Owners
Ojochal de Osa